Tips From Experts On How To Make A Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

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A report done by The Formica Group found that 25% of people don’t have enough space in their kitchens. If you too feel that you’re a bit cramped when you’re cooking or carrying out domestic tasks, don’t fear; there are some great ways that you can save some valuable space in your kitchen. From appliance solutions to organization and storage hacks, you can fit in everything you need and have a really neat, functional space.


A floor-to-ceiling space

The smallest kitchen in the world was designed by the Italian company Clei. They created a functional 2ft by 2ft kitchen tower that incorporated a fridge/freezer, dishwasher, cooker, 4 burners, a coffee machine and even a dinky herb garden. This kitchen solution utilized every inch of space up to the ceiling, yet took up very little floor space. In your own kitchen, you might not be able to fit in appliances or gadgets at floor height, but by adding in extra units and shelving vertically, you may be surprised how much you can fit in. A countertop dishwasher can easily be built into an eye-level cupboard. Shelving for little-used kitchen items can be fitted up to the ceiling. You can also use the kick space on the floor under kitchen units for storage of long items like aluminum foil, kitchen towel and rolls of baking paper.


Think about your doors

The doors of cupboards and appliances in your kitchen need space to open outwards. This might mean that you’re unable to fit in other items, like a small dining table or central workstation. Fitting a top-loading washing machine, instead of a front-loader can save you valuable space. Top load machines are generally more affordable too. You could also remove the doors from your storage cupboards and instead fit retractable ones, or a simple curtain that slides across. There are even options for cookers that have a door that slides underneath the appliance, rather than opening outwards.


Maximize Your Kitchen Cupboards

Your kitchen cupboards can actually be used for some sneaky storage. If you’re storing small jars of condiments, you may find that you have space to put in an extra shelf or two, so that you can fit more in. The inside of cupboard doors can be fitted easily with screw-in wire racks. These can be used to store spice jars and tubes of purees. You can also use this space for storing rolls of garbage bags, sandwich bags and plastic wrap. If you have corner kitchen cupboards, where it is difficult to reach the items at the back of the cupboard, simply fit a turning dumbwaiter tray (also known as a Lazy Susan). You will then be able to access those hard-to-reach items.

Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean it can’t be streamlined and functional. With a few awesome hacks you can save space, and even make your kitchen feel bigger.