Include Pakistan In Your Bucket List For Some Everlasting Experience

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There is no doubt that Pakistan is a beautiful place to visit. The country is full of lush green trees with small villages known for local and pure honey. Watching the snow-capped mountains of Pakistan with a hot ‘chai’ in hand is fun. If all such things are still not compelling you to look for Pakistan International Airport (PIA) for ticket booking, then we don’t know what will.

Of course, where to go and what to find can be a tedious task in a vast country like Pakistan. This blog is for first-timers, as we want every traveller to know about this country through this page.


See something different during dhamal at Sufi shrine.

Sufis are known as mystics of Islam; they share their love towards God through music and poetry. Sufis always welcome people from all castes and religions. They never believe in creed instead consider introspection.

Sufi Shrines can be seen in every city of Pakistan, and many large shrines convert into a ritual place to have dhamal on Thursday evening. Travellers can see pounding drums, smoky surroundings, and dancing people into a trance.


A Biryani plate in Karachi

Biryani is a famous staple food of Pakistan. It may seem like a plate of rice and meat, but its taste is mouth-watering, and you can’t imagine the flavour of spices present in it only by looking at the plate. If we talk about two famous cities of Pakistan, namely Lahore and Karachi, Karachi will surely win the Biryani prize as this city has fantastic biryani makers. You can try Hajji Biryani in Karachi if you are in an old city.


Climb on some of the high mountains for sunrise and sunset

There can’t be anything worth seeing the Nanga Parbat, the 9th highest mountain in the world lit with golden colour when the sun rises over its peak. Watching Rakaposhi awash during sunset right from Hunza Valley has its charm. You can also visit the Karakoram Mountains, full of mountain ranges.

More fearless travellers can enjoy the sun greeting the sky over K2, the second largest mountain in the world. But to watch this scene requires excellent tracking skills. You should be ready to track for two weeks to reach the high Himalayas to get this sweet glimpse.


Mohenjo Daro, the earliest civilization

Located in Sindh Province along the bank of the Indus River, Mohenjo Daro is listed in UNESCO world heritage, as its civilization is nearly four thousand years old. At first glance, it may not look much to visitors, but its ruins are spread in an area of 2.5 square kilometres. If you can tolerate the scorching heat of Sindh or can come in winter- a smarter idea, grab a water bottle, a knowledgeable guide and keep exploring.


Explore the old haveli

Peep into the country’s past by visiting Pakistan’s old city streets, lined with Havelis, look at the mansions that were earlier used to be of land’s elites. Many Havelis are now sorry, but their peeling paints and faded woods reveal their historical importance.

Although the land elites have now moved into air-conditioned homes, some Havelis are still occupied. If you want to see the restored haveli to know its historical glory, you can start with Sethi House in Peshawar.


Tempting fresh fruit trees in Pakistan

If you visit Pakistan in the right season, you can see the country full of fresh fruits. Trees loaded with ripped cherries, mulberries and apricots can be seen throughout the valley. Many local vendors are so busy with their work that they don’t mind if you pluck a fruit or two from their trees. Although being a good tourist, you take permission from them before plucking any fruit.

Also, you can see charpoys in every garden; it’s like a woven bed frame for resting and sleeping. Lying on those charpoys in the sun and plucking fruits whenever hunger tickles your belly is fun.

Hope all such information may have filled you with excitement to visit Pakistan this time. So surely visit this country and share your experience with others. You can also learn a few words of Urdu to make friends with local vendors which will be beneficial for you.