Implications Of EU Regulations In Case Of Flight Delays

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We all have faced the dreaded announcements about flight delays, mostly due to weather calamities, heavy air traffic, aircraft cleaning, and fuel issues, or security reasons.

All thanks to the EU regulation, conceptualized in 2004, that serves to protect the legal rights of a passenger in such cases. It also advocates certain fillers for such postponements along with compensations in extreme situations.

Here’s a guide that illustrates the rescue plan in case of a flight delay and implications of EU regulations in compensation claims.

To begin with, visit the passenger counter

As soon as you are notified about the delayed flight, visit the passenger counter to know about its reason. Ask the authorities to transfer you to the immediate next flight; rebooking doesn’t cost any extra amount.

Now that you have planned your travel as per the delay, it’s time to comfort yourself in the airport to kill the hiatus. Usually, airlines have certain guidelines for the passengers to compensate for the travel hiccough.

All flights passing through Europe are well known for their EU regulation 261/2004, which provides the following facilities to the travelers.

  1. If the delay is not due to rough weather or political unrest and exceeds 2 hours, airlines offer food and lodging coupons with access to wi-fi, amusement zones, and airport lounges.
  2. If it’s an overnight delay, passengers are provided with accommodation facilities in nearby hotels.

One pro tip here, if you have already checked your luggage, you can ask for an amenity kit for essentials such as toothpaste, a brush, a sleep mask, and some personal care items.

Also, booking a cab in advance to transfer you from the place of your stay to the airport will save you from last-minute hassle.

Furthermore, inquire about the compensation

Flight delays often lead to cancellation; these are bound to compensation. To avoid impediments, passengers traveling with European airlines should learn about the EU regulations in advance and make themselves aware of their reimbursement policies, terms, and conditions.

EU regulations allow voluntary cancellation in case of a delay that exceeds 5 hours, refunds ranging from €250 to €600, depending on the distance.

Compensation is also rewarded in cases of missed connection flights if it causes a delay of more than 3 hours in arrival at the final destination, irrespective of the airline companies.

Legal experts advise travelers to contact for assistance with technicalities involved in filing a refund complaint or claiming travel insurance. This organization empowers traveling rights, helps in the evaluation of compensation amount, and assists in the judicial nuances involved with the aviation council as the opponent in the court of law.

Lastly, stay put

Long waiting hours might test your patience but, remember even the airline’s employees are embarrassed because of the delay. Keep calm and be polite with the authorities.

Keep an eye on your luggage at all times. Be vigilant about the documents related to the delay, receipts of food and accommodation expenses, and lastly, tickets of the flight or rebooked flights, if any.