Northeast Vanishing Men Mystery – Accident or Murder?

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From Boston to Maine, young college men are disappearing after a late night at the bar or attending social gatherings. Their bodies, only to be found days, weeks or even months later in a near by harbor or river. Coincidence? I think not.

An unsettling number of men have gone missing and presumed to have accidentally drowned. On the blog Cryptid Antiquarian, blogger Elise Soper pieced together at least ten other cases of men who have gone missing over the past 13 years in Boston alone, and noted that many of those individuals were found dead in bodies of water, like the Charles River or Boston Harbor.

Another body was pulled from a Portland, Maine harbor earlier today (6/22/2016). 

Over the last few months, numerous bodies of young men have pulled from the harbor surrounding the small city of Portland, Maine…all presumed to have fallen in and drowned while intoxicated. Again coincidence…doubtful.

Retired New York City police detectives Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte began connecting numerous drowning deaths of men across Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa. The pair studied evidence from cases dating back to the 1990’s, and believe the deaths of at least 45 college males who drowned after leaving parties or bars are all connected.

The former detectives developed the Smiley Face Murder theory after they discovered a smiley-face symbol painted at a dozen of the drowning locations. The graffiti convinced the pair there is a gang of killers who are stalking men as they leave bars, murdering them and then staging their deaths as drownings.

While Gannon and Duarte are passionate about the Smiley Face Murder theory, the FBI insists that there is no evidence to support their claims. In 2010, the Center for Homicide Research released a statement outlining all of the reasons they believe the theory to be false. One reason being that the drowning deaths don’t actually “fit a serial killer motive.”

The Smiley Face Murder Theory may not be valid, but that doesn’t negate the fact that a large number of men are being found dead in bodies of water.

To rule all of these deaths as ‘accidental drownings’ is rather concerning. Why is there not a large quantity of women ‘falling’ into these rivers and harbors? Why do of all the bodies being pulled from these bodies of water have similarities. Male, college age and leaving a bar or party? One would think that if there is a killer on the loose, that these would be rather perfect conditions to befriend and socialize with the victim prior to ending their life.

One would also think that police indeed need to look further into the possibility that these men are not ‘falling’ into these bodies of water on their own.

Live in the Northeast? What are your thoughts?


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