The Best Itinerary To Discover Europe By Train

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Adventure In You

The exciting adventure that comes with traveling could last a lifetime. Different modes of transportation have unique features that make each one special and adventurous. For example, railway travel is known for its luxury and convenience. So, if you plan to explore Europe by train, and you desire to have such an exciting experience, here is useful information for you.

The new passport-free travel policy – ETIAS allows countries within the Schengen zone, free entry and stay within this region for 90 days. This policy allows those outside of Europe on transit, business purpose, medical treatment and tourism, easy entry into the zone.

Exploring Europe

Europe, known for its diversity and richness in culture, is one of the best places in the world to visit. From the fantastic sights in Rome to the glowing lights in the streets of Paris, and the aerial views in Norway, Europe presents itself as a charming region. Irrespective of the location you visit, a travel route will be a helpful guide. You will find below the best itinerary to discover Europe by train.

The Best Itinerary Guide to Discover Europe by Train

This itinerary gives a train travel tour to the following countries in Europe: Portugal, Spain, France, and Germany. The most exciting thing about this itinerary guide is that it makes you explore Europe right from Lisbon through Berlin.

The unique features of some European countries for your itinerary are:

1. Lisbon, Portugal

Exploring Lisbon by train gives you a truly great experience. This city is known for its captivating seaside and colorful buildings. Rail transportation helps you enjoy these views better. Unique attractions in Lisbon include the St. George’s Castle and the Jeronimos Monastery. Besides these attractions, other tours can take you to Belem Hill, Castle Hill, the Barrio Alto neighborhood, and the Sintra tour region.

2. Madrid, Spain

The capital city of Spain is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Exploring Europe without a tour to Madrid is pretty much like having an incomplete experience. What specific features, therefore, does Madrid have?  Here is a list of them:

  • It’s the largest city in Spain
  • It has a rich culture, as evidenced by food and wine diversity.
  • It has a high cultural diversity due to the presence of thousands of visitors from across the world.
  • It’s just 2 hours away from the Pyrenees. This allows you to easily travel to the mountains and experience skiing, hiking or any outdoor activity you enjoy doing.

The city of Madrid has other outstanding scenes which altogether make your exploration of Europe pleasant. Some of these different scenes that a trip by train gives you are:

  • The Flamenco dance
  • The Palato de Cristal art exhibition site
  • The Mercado de San Miguel food market

3. Paris, France

You will have a feel for the romantic atmosphere of Paris during your travel. The lights in the city building and at the magnificent bridge indeed show that France is an essential part of your Europe visit.

4. Berlin, Germany

As you explore Europe by train, one country you will love is Germany. Being the capital city of Germany, Berlin has several unique attractions for visitors. First, Berlin holds an eclectic history. In other words, it is the country’s most prestigious city. So, make sure that you see incredible places during your trip to Germany.

Some of these places are:

  • The Brandenburg Gate
  • Berlin Cathedral
  • East Side Gallery
  • The Reichstag


Without a speck of doubt, Europe is a beautiful continent to explore. The great cities, each with their unique attractions, have charming scenes for you to feed your eyes. The best way to plan your travel is via a smart itinerary.