5 Refreshing Things To Do In Dubai

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When we think of beaches and luxury, the very first name that pops in our mind is that of Dubai. Truly Dubai serves as a great spot for relishing quality time with your loved ones, relaxing on the beach, or indulging in a variety of sports activities.

There are also a bucket of other things to do, like shopping, visiting gardens and experiencing state-of-the-art themed amusement parks. But there is more to Dubai than what the eye meets. Yes, we are talking about some unique ideas that can revamp your vacation with a dash of wow factor. And believe me, these will leave an indelible mark in your memories for a lifetime.

So, if you are looking for something unique to do in Dubai, you are in the right place. We enlist here five of the refreshing things that you can add in your bucket list on a trip here. Do try them out, as we assure you that these ideas will breathe fun in your planned vacation trip.

1. Experience the thrill on the world’s largest Ferris Wheel – Ain Dubai – Experience iconic landmarks of Dubai, from the largest Ferris Wheel, the Ain Dubai, which is yet another record-breaking feature in the blue water island.

Perched at a height of 250 meters above sea level, Ain Dubai boasts of 48 air-conditioned capsule rooms which can accommodate about 1,400 people. Hop in for a 38-minute ride (to complete one circle) as you feast your eyes on attractive sports. Ain Dubai tickets are available at discounted prices during certain times of the year.

Apart from enjoying the rides, you can also host events in VIP cabins, or relax with your friends on the deck. Overall, get the aerial view of the luxurious city of Dubai, in a majestic way.

2. Hold on for dear life with a 4×4 dune bashing adventure – What is life without the jolts, and dune bashing adds a flavour to it. Select a SUV of your choice and get on to a ride that you will remember forever.

Plethora of options are available for dune bashing ranging from early hour packages to evening hours, that includes dinner and a bit of entertainment activities too. There are other choices like riding in sets of two, or riding by yourself. The ultimate aim is to enjoy the roller coaster rides in a manner you’ll never tried before.

3. Soar above the desert in a hot air balloon – Who doesn’t like flying in the air? But if you are the type who likes calculated risks, then a hot air balloon dubai is your ideal choice. Hop on with your family and go upwards in the similar fashion as that of the balloon.

Get the views of the humongous Burj Khalifa, the clear waters and the brilliant architecture of the city with an aerial view. And what’s more exciting is that, you can enjoy these with your family from hundreds of metres above sea level.


4. Have an ‘epic’ time at IMG Worlds of Adventure – Want an epic time in Dubai? We promise you will not be disappointed at the IMG Worlds of Adventure. Immerse yourself in the themes of MG Boulevard, Cartoon Network, Lost Valley and MARVEL with plenty of adrenaline filled rides and live events. The park offers umpteen activities that will keep you hooked forever. And the live characters will give you an ambience you will treasure for ages.

Along with dining and shopping options, there are designated areas for kids to enjoy the rides and for the family to have a gala time. Overall, IMG Worlds of Adventure is a true testament to its name, and offers adventure as promised. You can book your IMG World tickets from various web portals that are available for your service.

5. See 140 different species at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo – The underwater species are a marvel in themselves and it’s fascinating to explore them as you visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

The 10 million water tanks are home to 140 different kinds of aquatic species, including colourful marine ones, which are a feast for the eyes. Dubai Aquarium is one of a kind because it’s a suspended aquarium and is designed in a manner that lets you witness the creatures in their purest form. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Dubai Aquarium tickets and explore these different species and make some memories for yourself.