Woman And Her Adorable Dog Dress Up As 90’s Duo, And It Is….. EXCELLENT!

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Source: True Activist

This extremely well-thought of Halloween costume is better than any new electronic gadget you could’ve bought off Amazon for entertainment. Not only is it familiar to this generation of 90’s kids, it’s also tremendously adorable!

A former Miss Delaware contestant, Kate Banaszak from Middleton posted the cutest photo of her and her Irish Wolfhound dressed as Garth and Wayne from legendary comedy movie Wayne’s World.

Not her first time getting all fancy for trick-or-treating, Banaszak isn’t new to rocking out costumes with her adorable pup, but this one just takes the cake!

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk

Isn’t it cute?

Also, how can he have such an uncanny resemblance to Garth? And he didn’t even need a wig.

We’re not worthy!



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