A Win For The Romantics! ‘The Notebook’ TV Series Is In The Works

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A TV version of Nicholas Sparks’ beloved romantic drama The Notebook is in the works at The CW. The network is developing a series based on Sparks’ bestselling 1996 novel and the 2004 New Line sleeper hit film, which starred Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

This is a huge win for all the romantics out there! The Notebook movie has caused many men discomfort over the last 11 years, as they were forced to sit through the romantic love story with their wife or girlfriend. Now, all men should be on high alert, as 1 hour of your life, per week will be spent on the sofa watching the love story take shape… again! At least this time, there will be plenty of commercial breaks allowing you to reclaim your manhood in short increments.

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