Guy Wrestles Massive Crocodile To Impress Girl…Loses…And Then Gives Hilarious TV Interview!

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Some guys will do anything to impress a lady…and the teen in the video below is no exception. He actually wrestled a massive crocodile to do so!

18 year-old, Lee Depaauw from Australia was dared to jump into a crocodile invested river by his friends. There just happened to be a beautiful young lady among the crowd, so…to impress this young lady…Lee jumped in.

As he swam back towards some nearby stairs in order to get out…a massive crocodile grabbed a hold of his left arm and pulled him under water. Luckily, Lee was able to get a ‘good punch in the eye’ of the crocodile and the croc released the grip.

Lee was on the Australian national news and his interview was priceless. Wait until you hear his answer when asked about the ‘special’ girl he was trying to impress.

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