5 Benefits of Being A Canadian When Traveling Abroad

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Canadians have many benefits when it comes to traveling abroad. This is because of the fact that the Canadian passport is a powerful travel document allowing its citizens numerous rights not given to others.

This article discusses the benefits that Canadians have when going on a foreign trip as compared to people of other nationalities. This also reflects the fact that Canada is a powerful country with global acceptance and their citizens enjoy more privileges while traveling.

1. Travel Credit Cards

Canadians love to travel using their favorite travel credit cards. They are very popular as you can travel all around the world for free using your rewards points. Then these points can be redeemed later based on the amount you have spent abroad and the rewards points that you have collected.

These travel credit cards are eligible only for Canadian citizens and not to others. This shows that Canadians enjoy many advantages as compared to people around the world. The main travel credit cards used by Canadians includes the Scotiabank Gold American Express, BMO World Elite MasterCard and American Express Cobalt Card. These will go a long way in enjoying your travel experience and will save a lot of expenses too!


2. No Visa Requirements

Canadian citizens don’t require visas for a number of countries that encompasses many countries across all inhabited continents. A word or two needs to be said about the Canadian passport itself. It appears ordinary at first sight but beams with fluorescent colors when held under a black light.

Many luminous objects like stars and a full moon come with maple leaves and a number of artefacts showcasing the history of Canada enhance the spectacle. This makes the Canadian passport one of the most interesting ones in the world.

A Canadian citizen can stay for up to 6 months in the US and 180 days in Mexico without a visa. You can go also go to many Caribbean islands without a visa if you love the sea, sun and sands.

Most countries in Central and South America that encompasses the entire Latin American region allow Canadians to stay in their countries for a considerable period of time without a visa. These countries include Argentina, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Guatemala among many others.

This is not all as a major part of the Eastern Hemisphere including Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America allow Canadians to enter their countries without a visa. The list of these countries is very long, suffice it to say that it includes the entire Schengen zone with 26 countries and many countries in Southeast Asia also allow Canadians to traverse their borders without a visa.

Many countries that are included in Oceania including many Pacific Islands like New Zealand, New Caledonia and French Polynesia.

This shows that the Canadian passport has a lot of weightage globally and Canadian citizens should feel proud that they enjoy all these privileges and benefits not given to members of other countries.


3. More Freedom of Residence

Canadian citizens can reside anywhere in the world as per their choice without needing to worry about losing the status of their citizenship. The only hitch is that they cannot vote for national elections if they stay outside Canada for more than 5 years. Even many Americans love Canada because of its liberal policies that are not in vogue in even a superpower like the US.

This unique facility is given only to Canadians and not to citizens of other countries who would not allow their citizens to live outside their home country for an indiscriminate period of time. This shows the level of concern that the Canadian Government has towards its denizens and this ought to be respected by all people.

This is really a feather in their hat as many countries don’t allow complete freedom of residence within their own country let alone living abroad. Canada welcomes people from all around the world to come and live in Canada and it also allows the reverse process, i.e. Canadians willing to relocate abroad are given full permission to do so. This shows that they are truly globalized in keeping with contemporary norms.


4. The Canadian Currency is Strong

Canada is the second largest country in the world in area and enjoys pride of place among all the nations of the world. They have one of the most powerful diplomatic services in the world with embassies and consulates all across the world.

They also have good relations with countries like USA and Australia and this gives them even more leverage than would happen otherwise. If a Canadian citizen needs any sort of consular help anywhere in the world, he or she gets immediate assistance within the shortest period of time. This shows the power of diplomatic channels that is very high for Canada.

Besides that, both English and French are powerful diplomatic languages and Canada lists both of them as official languages. Both of them are also the working languages of the United Nations which shows the high level of international acceptance that they have.

This shows that Canadians have access to a high level of diplomatic channels that are not made available to people elsewhere.


Thus, from the above, it is clear that Canadians are truly blessed when it comes to travelling abroad and they should make the most of this privilege that sets them apart from the rest of the world.