5 Vintage Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

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Everything new is old again. Nowhere does this saying apply better than in interior design. Lots of people are into antique and retro elements or pieces of furniture that evokes a bittersweet feeling of nostalgia and creates the atmosphere of coziness and homeliness in your apartment. Though tastes differ greatly from person to person, the vintage interior design ideas we’re going to share in today’s post won’t be lost on you.

Vintage Posters

Vintage posters can lend a particular charm to your apartment. Depending on the palette and images your poster features, you can change the entire space entirely and easily manipulate your visitor’s perception of your interior. Thus, for a more traditional or classy effect, you can opt for the posters depicting Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Audrey Hepburn, or others. Such posters will spice up even the most incipient and brand interior by translating the magnetic energy of the idols of the past.

Still, if you don’t like posters with famous people, choose something neutral or more conceptual.  Years ago, posters were used for advertising. So, if you’re into antique things that have their own history, you can score a retro circus poster, barber shop poster, fashion show poster, or any other poster that once was used according to its purpose. Such posters may set you back quite a bit, but their authentic spirit won’t only add a personal touch to the interior but also showcase your peculiar artistic taste. Alternatively, you can put together a stylish retro poster yourself using dedicated image editing tools.

Vintage Wallpaper

If you missed good old wallpaper on your walls, it’s about time you welcomed the new trend that’s making a rapid comeback. Vintage wallpaper is mainly characterized by colorful and bold prints, including florid and geometric patterns. If you want to create an atmosphere of chic and ostentatious luxury, you want to turn to Victorian and Regency wallpaper with their sophisticated ornate designs, monograms, and other eye-catching elements. Still, don’t overuse this trend if you don’t want your room to look like a countess’ boudoir or the Versailles City Hall. It would be a wise decision to pick one accent wall and hang bright wallpaper there. Just make sure it will fit with the rest of the interior.

The delicately textured vintage wallpaper won’t overburden the space. You can go for vintage wallpaper with neutral finishings that will help you enhance your kitchen and bedroom and make your space look and feel cozier, warmer, and more welcoming.

Clawfoot Tubs

A bathroom is a special room in a home that has traditionally been associated not only with cleanliness but also luxury and status. Indeed, not so long ago, only affluent people’s homes could boast a bathroom. Today, though, we have lots of tools at our disposal to enhance our bathrooms. To make your bathroom more elegant and add some retro chic to it, you should definitely take a closer look at clawfoot tubs, which have been in vogue since the beginning of the 20th century. While freestanding tubs are still considered too pretentious and somewhat old-fashioned by many young people, designers argue that they can be a luxurious upgrade to your bathroom. Plus, their high feet can help your bathroom look more spacious and airy.

Brass Elements

If you’re looking for décor elements that can lend your space a touch of glamour or drama, opt for brass. Stainless steel has long been favored by designers looking to combine practicality and stylishness in their interiors.  Instead of using cold, silvery-white metal elements so characteristic of the High Tech style, try infusing your space with brass and copper alternatives. Brass knobs, handles, and fixtures that were commonplace in home interiors in the last quarter of the 20th century can offer a comforting glow to your spaces. Brass elements go perfectly well with vintage tile and wooden elements, as well.

You also might want to mix metals in your bathroom. For example, if your faucet is brass, the handles could be a polished nickel, and you can match the vanity mirror to the handles instead of the faucet.

Vintage Furniture

All connoisseurs of retro chic spend lots of time picking the right pieces of furniture to harmonize with the rest of the interior. Now that the conscious consumption trend is gaining momentum, secondhand furniture and household items are literally flying off the shelves. More and more people start scouring antique shops for vintage furniture to spruce their homes with some flesh elements (no pun intended.) If you want to do the same, opt for pieces made of natural materials like wood, metal, glass, or marble.

Forged and carved elements can spice up the overall look of your vintage furniture and make it look more expensive and classy. Today, lots of designers hunt for wooden vintage chests, sconces, chandeliers, shield mirrors, wooden kitchen dressers, and other vintage pieces of furniture to enhance their projects. You also may want to jump on the bandwagon and infuse your home with the authentic retro spirit.