Find Out Why Online Data Science Degrees Are So Popular

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For people that are looking for a challenging yet rewarding career path, deciding on pursuing a degree in data science may just be the way to go. Not only does this particular field involve works that uses algorithms, scientific methods, and other types of processes that extract data, it also provides insight into all types of data as well.

In addition, you don’t even need to leave the comforts of your home to get your degree! Without the need of being on campus, you can simply do an online course. Open up your browser and begin doing some research on online courses that will lead to you getting a degree in data science.

According to research from Government Technology, the number of students getting their data science degree has tripled in the last decade, mostly because it’s become a high demand degree by a number of employers. If this is something that you’d like to pursue for yourself, start by looking into some data science degree programs that you can find online.

The following information explains why data science degrees have become so popular.


There Are a Ton of Job Opportunities

A data science degree is considered quite diverse. You can gain a variety of skills that can be used in different career paths. This will also give you choices into what you can apply for when it comes to a full-time job. In fact, Glassdoor even gave it an almost perfect score when it comes to job satisfaction and best overall job.

Because data scientists are considered highly skilled, they are in great demand as well. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics explains that ‘mathematical science occupations are projected to grow 27.9 percent by 2026.’ This means that there will be 50,400 new jobs that will need to be filled by many qualified individuals.

Moreover, data scientists are needed in almost every job sector. This included business, technology, government security, and many others. Corporations, institutions, firms and more need these types of professionals to look at relevant data so that they can use it better their companies, thrive as a company, and serve their consumers better.


Data Scientists Earn Good Money

Although there are a number of career paths that people can consider, individuals may be drawn to getting a data science degree since graduates can make a lot of money. Notably, the average salary that data scientists can earn depends on their skill level, experience, and the specific job they’ll do. In fact, some jobs that are filled by data scientists can garner salaries within the six-figure range.

Here are 11 different data scientist jobs and their average salaries as shared by Northeastern University.

  1. Data Scientist: $117,212
  2. Machine Learning Engineer: $131,001
  3. Machine Learning Scientist: $137,053
  4. Applications Architect: $129,000
  5. Enterprise Architect: $150,782
  6. Data Architect: $118,868
  7. Infrastructure Architect: $127,676
  8. Data Engineer: $112,493
  9. Business Intelligence (BI) Developer: $92,013
  10. Statistician: $88,989
  11. Data Analyst: $69517


You Can Specialize In Particular Skills With Data Science

Data scientists must be very educated since it’s a must to have a lot of knowledge when it comes to this degree. Also according to Northeastern University, 88 percent of data scientists have at least a master’s degree, while 46 percent have PhDs. The higher your education, the more you will also stand out from other candidates when searching for a job in this field.

GetEducated shares the normal pathway that people take to become a data scientist usually looks like this:

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in IT, math, physics, computer science or other related fields
  • Earn a master’s degree in data or other related fields
  • Gain experience in the field you plan to work in

While some schools offer specific data science degrees, it’s also possible to enter this field using other backgrounds, such as IT or math. And for those that want to become an advanced leader in their field, they can also choose to get a doctorate degree.

Every level of educations will give you the opportunity to further your skills and specialize in a specific type of data science. Better explained, someone may gain experience and become a data scientist in order to help car dealerships study customer information in order to make their marketing campaigns. On the other hand, a data scientist may even work for the Defense Department to analyze threat levels.

No matter where your interest lies, you can gain the needed analytical and problem solving skills in school, then apply that to whatever field you prefer to work in.


Search Online and Begin Your Online Degree

Data science is a profession that is constantly changing, which means that it requires individuals to be adaptable, have critical thinking skills, and willing to experiment on different things. It’s also quite challenging since the position is also highly relied on by companies to help them make future decisions, as well as decisions that may impact their future decisions and endeavors as well.

In addition, most data scientists earn more money than the usual national average salary. You can also start your journey to becoming a data scientists by getting your bachelor’s degree and gaining experience while you are still a student.

To figure out which educational institutions offer data scientist online courses, start your online search now. Be sure to look at a variety of schools and compare their course catalogues to make sure that you make the best choice to fit your future professional goals and desires.