What Is Production Data Management System?

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Have you seen the first Iron Man movie? I bet you did. One of the coolest things about it is how Tony Stark gets his suits made. First, he drafts a design on his computer. Then, a bunch of robots make every part of the suit for him. In the meantime, he gives instructions as the work is progressing.

Ten years ago we thought these things were only possible in movies. Now, we are not so sure.

If you want to know more about that kind of software that Tony Stark could have been using, read on. In this article, we will explain the ins and outs of Production Data Management System and how it helps with technology today.


The most advanced manufacturing sites and their software – explained

So first, what is Production Data Management System? To understand it, you would need to imagine a factory and all the different kinds of machines they equip. Each one of those machines would usually have a computer and a set of sensors. Now, those computers would then be run by their own softwares. These softwares enable the collection ofdata from all the sensors which, in turn, is processed by each one of the computers separately. 

Now, what if each machine and each sensor was run by a single software? This is what deep integrations technology is all about. It allows for true machine connectivity – a way to manage multiple sites as if it was one device. The Master Data is responsible for every detail from items, materials, orders, activities, quality limits, recipes and flows; all the data needed to analyze processes. Making the process much simpler to manage.

If you want to see how these things work, check out ANT Solutions Website: https://antsolutions.eu/ and their Production Data Management System.


How does PDMS improve the working environment?

So what are the benefits of software that connects multiple machines, as if they were one living organism? Optimization.

When you know exactly what is happening with every piece of equipment you have, you know how to make processes better. PDMS can help analyze your data and come up with different ways to improve your operations. It can take many forms, optimize different settings for your equipment, provide clearer instructions for the machine operators or even report on any defective machinery. There are many more ways data can be processed and even more ways to use that to your advantage.


Benefits of Production Data Management System (PDMS)

The best thing about it? The data is presented in a clear and visual way. No more paper reports, or complicated spreadsheets. This way, it’s easier to make the right decision.

Employees get clear instructions on what is expected from them during their shift. Equipment lasts longer. Productivity increases over time.


How is PDMS currently used?

Production Data Management System is used to improve production sites all over the world. From automotive to food processing, PDMS are finding their way into businesses and helping pave the way to technological advancement. They allow for better management of large-scale production. Is PDMS going to be the new staple of every factory?