8 Benefits of Using LED Advertising Screens

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LED screens have been around for decades. In fact, the first LED screen was born in 1962, but it wasn’t too long after until businesses began realising their commercial use. Although advertising hasn’t quite yet fully outgrown static billboards, LED screens are replacing them as time goes on. This article will outline the 8 key benefits of using an LED advertising screen.

Grabbing Attention

LED screens are bright – artificially so, in fact. They stick out like a sore thumb, even in the most urbanised environments. LED screens can be at the forefront of your business shop, or a standalone advert, and grab the attention from the crowd. They’ve become incredibly popular among festival organisers for their great display quality. Even in the daylight you can see the video play from afar. They’re a great way to spice up an organised event and display both a live feed or a local media file. There’s a reason why New York and Tokyo have memorable highstreets – it’s the huge, eye-popping screens.

Remote operation

VisualLED provides opportunities for freestanding LED displays, meaning that they’re operational from anywhere. The possibilities are endless when you’re able to connect an LED screen anywhere with a power supply – they’re waterproof so they can withstand outdoor weather. They’re remote in the sense that they come with built-in WiFi, meaning that you can connect them to nearby wireless internet. This gives you fantastic control, because you can operate and change advertisements remotely depending on which ones are performing effectively.

Control your message

Advertising is all about sending out a message to a certain demographic of people. LEDs have a lot of functionality potential as well as marketing potential. To give an example of what this means: you can have your LED screen display whatever message you want, at whatever time you want. If you have a store on a busy highstreet, you may decide that at 3:30pm everyday, the screen displays an advert targeted at children leaving a school. Then at 5:30pm, it switches to aim its message towards an adult demographic, as this is rush hour time when commuters will pass by – but perhaps on Sundays you aim it at tourists!


LED screens don’t break all that often. They’re not like owning a television, they’re built to last and can withstand the rain, wind and all sorts. As a result, they have low maintenance which can save you a ton of money in the long run. New LED screens are becoming unprecedentedly robust and resistant to damage, meaning they can last years without spending a penny more on them. Not only are they durable, but they are becoming more eco-friendly with much lower energy expenditure than previously.

High Return on Investment

In the short term, LED advertising screens will set you back in some capital. However, the on-going costs are much cheaper than alternatives. For example, static billboards will cost regarding producing the vinyl and paying for the ad space rental. LED billboards, however, require no production costs, as you can make it digitally yourself on the computer. Thus, in the long run, your returns will be much more preferable in terms of marketing investment.

Content opportunities

Unlike static billboards, LED screens give the potential for video to be played. Not only video, but scrolling images, such as a variety of adverts that automatically rotate. The time it takes to instruct the screen to play a different image or video is minimal. This gives far more potential regarding content, and also more potential to A/B test different content. Video adverts are highly effective as they have greater potential to convey a message. Video is also a lot more captivating, meaning they will likely garner more attention than static billboards. Additionally, LED screens are becoming better, with improved colour balance, contrast, and generally display amazing picture quality these days.


LED screens are not like most technology – it’s actually exceedingly simple. Even the biggest technophobes can set-up and run an LED screen. It takes just a few seconds. This also means they can be moved around to different stores veryeasily and without friction. And if worse comes to worst and it breaks down, a replacement screen could easily be installed without much delay.

Branding and image

LED screens can really enhance and aid the branding and image of a company. The screen itself can facilitate a more convincing message about the brand, but the use of the screen itself can say a lot. Even just using the screen to display colourful lights outside the store with no written or pictured content can tell customers that this is a new, tech-inclined and modern company. One that is going above and beyond to present the company in a positive light (pun intended) and that, in and of itself, can yield results.