15 Common Signs And Symptoms Of Kidney Failure

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William Reed

Your kidneys are a major part of your excretory system, otherwise known as the urinary or renal system. They also excrete hormones, making them part of the endocrine system as well. For the most part, they are your body’s filter, removing wastes and extra water from about half a cup of blood every minute. The toxins are then sent by your kidneys to your bladder, which your body then removes via urination. Kidney failure happens when your kidneys can no longer filter waste from your blood properly – this can cause your body to become overloaded with toxins, which can be seriously life-threatening if left unchecked.
Read on to find out the symptoms of kidney failure:

Less Urine

If you are experiencing kidney failure, it is likely you will have little to no urine. As your kidneys fail, they usually lose the ability to regulate fluids and electrolytes, and to remove wastes from the body. Low urine output as a result of kidney failure can either be acute, as with toxins or sepsis, or chronic, which develops over time and can result from poorly controlled diabetes or hypertension. If you are experiencing less urine than normal and you believe it may be related to your kidney function, do make an appointment to see your doctor about it.