How To Be The Best Migration Agent In Melbourne

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Trust is not immediately given, it is earned. With many migration services out there in the market today, how can you be the trusted migration agent that people will choose when they decide to move to Australia? How do you convince them that you are the right professional for the job? How do your prove that you have the qualifications to handle their case that will result in their move to Melbourne? Here are some ways where you can boost your company to be the best migration specialist in Melbourne, and maybe even in the whole of Down Under.

Work on your MARA Registration

A qualified professional migration company will be registered with MARA, or the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority. This is a branch of the Australian government with the task of regulating and monitoring migration agents. They make sure that every agency is legitimately skilled and possesses the necessary knowledge to get the job done. Once you qualify for MARA, you can prominently display this in your website and all your company brochures and correspondence as a form of quality assurance for your clients.

Possess a Proven Track Record 

As a reputable migration agent, it is you responsibility to show your proven track record by providing a ready list of clients that you have successfully dealt with. Your extensive experience can also be seen through the word of mouth testimonials or even through online reviews from your many happy clients. One of the leading specialists in the country, Migration Agent Melbourne, said that more than anything else, a roster of happy clients is the solid evidence to prove your capabilities as a reputable and successful migration agent.

Provide a Clear Fee Structure

Money has always been a sensitive issue, so you should not surprise your clients when it comes to the costs. A reputable migration agent will always have a clear fee structure, which they will discuss with their clients right from the very start. You should inform your clients of all the possible expenditures going into the process of migration. Don’t insist on handling all their money because that is a huge red flag. Instead, you can point out to them that they can pay some fees online like the application or visa fees. As for other incidentals, they can issue a check to your name; and be sure to give them the corresponding receipt.


Do Not Make Empty Promises 

Migration is a very complex process that involves a lot of confusing laws, rules, and regulations. What will work for some, will not work for other people. As a migration expert, you know that there are many factors involved when applying for a resident’s visa. People have to meet certain requirements. There are approval caps per year. Even laws could change. Do not make promises and guarantees because there are many variables involved that you have no control over. At best, the only thing you can promise is to do your best in processing the application, but the final decision shall always rest on the Australian government.

Avoid Being Too Pushy 

Don’t be that migration agent with a reputation for being too pushy and annoying. Never pressure people into signing up with you. Be factual in laying your case and credentials on the table, and let your potential clients make the choice. Remember to only give it when they ask. Unsolicited advice isn’t always welcome, so get a feel of things before you open your mouth and make a big mistake. Avoid any hard selling tactics because this makes you appear shady and desperate. If you try to force or pressure anyone into moving forward, this will adversely impact your company’s reputation. Avoid being pushy and remain classy.

Train your Staff to Handle Private Information and Other Matters

A company is only as good as the team members who make up the entire group. Make sure that you train your staff well. Aside from briefing them on all the necessary migration procedures and laws, you have to emphasize the importance of good customer service. Talk about their demeanor and the way they communicate. If you want to be successful in this field, you will have to be approachable and people will have to feel at ease in your company. They have to feel they can rely on you and your team because they will be providing you with sensitive and private information. To incite confidence in other people, you must also possess it within yourself.