How To Clean Carpet The Right Way

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Cleaning your carpet the right way requires a few steps a little bit of patience. You can make your carpets look perfect if you have invested some time and energy in doing it right. You cannot assume that you can spray something on the carpet, wipe it up, and solve all your problems. Plus, you need to consider what a professional service will do for you. Take a look at what will do for you when you are getting your carpets cleaned. Plus, these are good recommendations for anyone who is cleaning their own carpets in between appointments.

1. Get Started Quickly

You must get your carpet cleaning project started as soon as possible. You do not want stains to sit on the carpet, and you most certainly do not want to allow your carpet to curl or dry with odd substances on it. You can do a lot of things early on to make the cleaning process easier. When you begin, most people/cleaners will start with pre-vacuuming.

2. The Pre-Vacuuming Process


Pre-vacuuming happens when you go over all the carpet with a vacuum to either suck up leftover dirt or to break up leftover dirt. You often cannot see the dirt that is sitting under the fibers on the carpet, but it is there. When you are using the vacuum to get your house ready, you might also make light of the stains on the carpet that were not as obvious before you vacuumed. This helps you gather information about standing you are concerned about.

3. Stain Treatment

You should put a stain treatment on the carpet where you have particularly bad stains. This is often the best way to ensure that you are getting as much detergent into the carpet as possible before you run it over with the vacuum. When you are hoping to remove a really bad stain, you cannot just run the cleaner over that area several times. You need to prepare that area by spraying or pouring the stain cleaner directly on that spot.

4. The Deodorizer

Deodorizer is a great addition to any home carpet cleaning plan. The carpets are very easy to clean when they are prepared, and they will smell amazing when the deodorizer is on the carpet before you get started. The scent will waft into the air when you are cleaning the carpets, and your home will smell much nicer once you have completed the process.

5. Cover The House With The Steam Cleaner


Steam cleaning is always the best way to clean carpets because it uses super hot water along with the steam and a vacuum to pull away any dirt and clean stains. The steam will heat up the fibers of the carpet so that stains will be released, and the water will break up any residual dirt. The vacuum will suck up everything that was left on the carpet, and you can see the results when the vacuum comes away from the carpet. If you are cleaning carpets in the house with a steam cleaner, you need to give them time to dry completely.

6. Vacuum Again

When your carpets are completely dry, you may choose to vacuum once more to pick up any dirt or debris that might have been left over. Any fibers from the carpet that are laying loose on the floor will be removed, and you will have very fresh carpets when you are done.

7. How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take?

You need to spend a little bit of extra time cleaning your carpets because you need to go through each step before getting to the end of the cleaning process. When you are using both a steam cleaner and vacuum, you can get the best results because you are removing both dirt and stains. If you have hired a carpet cleaner, they will go through the same process. Plus, you can give the cleaner your final seal of approval so that they know they have done a good job.

8. Emergency Cleaning

You can use the steps listed above to handle emergency cleaning in your home that needs to be done when you have major spills or accidents. It is one thing to dry water that is on your carpets, but it is quite another to handle things like red wine and juice stains. When you have a stain happen in the house, you can fall back on what you know about carpet cleaning. Spray down the area with a stain removal product. Get a steam cleaner to run over the area, vacuum after the job is done, and ensure that all other debris has been removed.

9. Refreshing Old Carpets


You can use the cleaning process listed above to refresh your old carpets which might be a bit drab and dried out. When you are using the steam cleaning process, you should remember that you are introducing moisture back into the carpet fibers. This is a very good thing if you have old carpets that are almost brittle to the touch. You can soften almost all the fibers on the floor, and you can keep the carpets in better condition because they will not curl at the edges, will not begin to fray, and will not pull away when vacuumed.

10. Conclusion

Carpet cleaning is a multi-step process that you can complete on your own in an emergency or one that you can hire a carpet cleaning company to complete. When you would like to have the freshest carpets, you need to use everything from the deodorizer to the vacuum to make the carpets look and smell good. Plus, you need to have an idea of how easy it will be for you to clean up a stain that just happened so that it does not set in. Cleaning your carpets the right way means that you are using the same procedure to clean the whole house or one drop of juice that fell from a child’s cup.