How To Cool Your House For Just 42-Cents A Day Without An A/C

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Jennies Garage made this cooling system to save money on his summer electric bill. He used some wood scraps, a pond pump, an evaporation cooler pad and a box fan to make a working swamp cooler air conditioning unit. It can achieve indoor temperatures that are 20+ degrees lower than outside temps. That is way better than a fan alone can achieve and a cheaper way to achieve similar results to what an air conditioner could produce.

Personally, I think the cooler looks rather ugly, but I guess if it lowers your temperature by 20 degrees and save you a little cash, who cares right? The cooler only uses about 42-cents of electricity per day! Just think, if you had or have a solar power system set up, this cooling system wouldn’t cost a dime to run!

Use reclaimed wood from pallets to make the frame so the whole project is very frugal to build which ads to the uniqueness and frugality of this whole project.

Check out the video below to see how to make one with step by step instructions. Thanks to Jennies Garage for making the video and sharing it with us all, the video has over 1 million views and counting! Clearly people are fed up with paying so much to keep their homes cool!


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