Little-Known Vauxhall Models

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We’ve all heard of the Corsa and the Astra, but when it comes to Vauxhall, there’s more to the British car manufacturer than meets the eye.

We may know this heritage motoring brand for its dependable motors. Having delivered first-class vehicles since its formation in 1857 and creating practical models such as the Zafira and Insignia among the most popular, this is a name that can be relied upon.

However, there are Vauxhall models that are unsung heroes. These are cars that tick different boxes for motorists. Here is a look at three of these cars that offer something different from this manufacturer’s norm.



The Viva is a tall five-door hatchback that delivers a smooth family car. Available from dealers such as Peter Vardy, this model is a revival of one last seen in the 1970s. However, this time round we’re seeing a modern take, with distinctive design and 10 colours for buyers to choose from.

This is a well-equipped car, too, with Vauxhall’s IntelliLink infotainment system offering touchscreen and smartphone connectivity. There’s also safety and convenience features such as lane departure warning and hill-start assistance.



The ADAM is a three-door hatchback that is a smooth, dynamic drive for those seeking a cool city car. In terms of size it’s just below the Corsa, however it offers a contemporary take on the compact hatch, allowing the car buyer to personalise the car to suit their preferences using the many design combinations.

The distinctive floating roof and packed kit, which covers everything from Bluetooth and daytime running lights to cruise control and multi-function steering wheel make this a fun and funky little car.

There are five trim levels in total for the ADAM, and these are unique to this model. They have been created with different drivers of this compact car in mind, for example the Slam is slightly sporty while Glam is more of a luxurious spec.



Kitted out with Isofix and air con, the Meriva is a family car that combines practicality with sophisticated style. It’s the rear-hinged side doors that make this model a useful car for families trying to pack the kids in. Both children and change bags can be popped inside with ease, thanks to these clever doors.

Elsewhere, this model is a sleek drive that is suited to city driving and there are features that make this a dependable choice. From front fog lamps and LED daytime running lights to safety details such as break-away foot pedals and five three-point seatbelts, this is a real all-rounder.

Whatever you choose, whether you want a cool city car or a neat family motor, there’s more to Vauxhall than you think. Which one has surprised you most from these three?