New Reality: How To Keep Travelling After Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has managed to change our lives on many levels. Social isolation, facemask as an obligatory item, remote work, and many other things have transformed our lives in ways we could never imagine. Yet, one thing is especially sensitive to the necessary changes that the pandemic and lockdowns have initiated. And that thing is traveling. This is quite sad as traveling is a very fun thing to do, and the changes in our lifestyle don’t seem good for it. Let’s take a closer look at how traveling will change after we beat the coronavirus and get things in our lives stable again.

Vital Changes

It’s pretty upsetting to admit, yet all the irritating changes that the coronavirus made our governments enact are necessary. Wearing facemasks inside, keeping distance, and working from home can be unbearable for some people, however, they save us all from much worse things. Yet, one of the worst things we have to encounter yet is traveling. It is likely to change radically, and not for the better on many levels.

Before the pandemic, traveling was quite a normal thing for enthusiastic people who prefer to be on the move and experience new things every now and then. There were some issues like lines at the airport or customs or the infinite searches of how to find the most suitable translation app for travelling, but all of them could get more or less compensated by the experiences in the country we might have had. Now, however, with different lockdown restrictions, things might be not as exciting. On top of that, some of the following might happen.

 5 Tips on How to Keep Travelling After Pandemic

  • Lines at the airports and customs might become even longer.

With lots of checks to be made, the time you might spend at the airport can increase by the numbers. This is quite ironic as it’s quite dangerous to be in such a populous place as the airport for a very long time. Still, there might be positive consequences of such an experience, as your time spent hanging around in the country might seem even better and more vividly remembered.

  • It might become harder to acquire all the necessary documents.

As safety is now the primary concern for all countries, you might need more than just a passport with a visa and a plane ticket to get into the country. You’ll probably need to get some kind of proof that you’re not ill or can somehow spread infection and cause a new outbreak. Most countries will likely require immunization translations to enter, which might be a rather messy process to acquire. Still, things not as bad as there will probably no single required form, so you’ll be able to get one in your country with less effort.

  • Tourist seasons will change.

Again, safety has become a priority nowadays, so traveling will not depend on the time of the year but rather on the possibility of another coronavirus outbreak. This will certainly create hell for most tourists and travelers as the costs will likely become higher and the seasons will be completely unpredictable. The only good thing is that you might be able to see the country you want to travel to during its rather unpopular (and less tourist-populated) and, perhaps, more beautiful time of the year.

  • You’ll be taking trains before planes.

It is more likely that you’ll start preferring traveling by train or other similar means of transport than the old classic plane. That will, of course, make the whole trip much slower. There’s a good side to this, however. You’ll be able to appreciate the views more and will likely value your time spent on the move rather than in a hotel room or a quick snack at the restaurant.

  • You’ll be packing all the safety measures with you.

Wearing facemasks is a law in many countries, just as washing hands regularly, or using sanitizer. While those things are rather small, they still have to fit not only into your backpack but also your head, so that you wouldn’t forget any of them in the most unwanted moment. Nevertheless, such safety measures can often come in handy, coronavirus or not, so keeping them with you at all times will turn into a rather useful habit.

 Keep On Moving


It doesn’t matter that much whether it’s irritating or not, traveling is always important. And it is as important as the safety measures that must be taken during it. While it can be hard to comprehend an exceedingly long line at the customs office or another delayed flight because of such issues, traveling is still worth it. There’s simply no other way to get similar experiences, so giving up and missing upon them is just pointless.


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