Things You Should Never Do In Singapore

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Singapore is Asia’s global hub for tourism, culture, business, and entertainment. The place is also a melting pot of different cultures. Just take the MRT and you’ll see how you’re transported from China Town to Little India within minutes. Singaporeans take pride in their beautiful city, and the government makes sure to keep it that way. The people abide to strict rules, and as a tourist, so should you. If you try to veer away from the rules, you’re sure to find yourself in hot water. Everyone is expected to abide by the law, and no one is exempted. So, if you’re planning to visit this pristine city and enjoy what it has to offer, make sure to stay in your lane. If you overstep a line, you’ll offend not just the locals, but the law enforcers who could reprimand you, or worse, ask you to pay the fine or otherwise end up in jail.