25 Symptoms And Signs Of Bipolar Disorder

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14. Risky Behavior

Source: https://www.center4research.org

Bipolar disorder presents with erratic changes in mood. One day a patient can appear normal, then without warning, shift to either a depressive or a manic state. During “highs” bipolar patients tend to engage in dangerous activities due to an impairment in the nucleus accumbens or the brain’s “pleasure center”
Because of this, a patient submits to his strong desires, making him irrational and erratic. He or she may then engage in activities that are considered dangerous, destructive and irresponsible.
Bingeing on drugs and alcohol isn’t uncommon, so is engaging in unprotected promiscuity and gambling. People have also been known to max-out their credit cards on shopping sprees, causing them to rack up huge debts.