29 Things You Should Never Do In Japan

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Never Pour Soy Sauce On Rice

Source: https://www.japanesecooking101.com

You will rarely see the Japanese, if at all, pour soy sauce on their rice as they take great pride in the quality of their grain and on how they prepare it. Japanese rice, called japonica, are said to be tastier, and becomes soft and sticky when it gets cooked as compared to other types of rice which becomes drier. As such, don’t pour soy sauce on your rice as it is served exactly as it was intended and you may only cause offense or insult to the person who prepared the food for you. Changing the way it tastes by putting flavoring is like saying that you don’t respect the cooking ability or taste of the person who cooked the food. Think of it like not putting ketchup on your hotdog when you’re in Chicago.