29 Things You Should Never Do In Japan

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Don’t Forget About Chopstick Etiquette

Source: http://www.japaniverse.com

Using chopsticks when dining can be tricky if you’re not used to it, but not using it expertly can be forgiven. However, doing the following with the chopsticks is not acceptable and considered rude: passing food to someone else’s chopsticks, rubbing the chopsticks together, hitting a bowl with it, using one piece at a time or spearing and stabbing the food with it, using it to point to someone, and resting or sticking them vertically in your bowl of rice or food as this resembles a funeral ritual. If you have to put them down, use the chopstick holder that will be next to your plate. And when sharing dishes, make sure you use the chopsticks to take the food and put it on your own plate before eating it.