VIDEO | This ‘Conjuring 2’ Prank Is Incredibly Realistic And Absolutely Terrifying

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When it comes to pranks, the director of the movie ‘The Conjuring’ and ‘The Conjuring 2’ knows how to get it done.

Here is the set up.

A young girl is said to be mentally sick and a caretaker is called in to sit with her and administer her medicine. As the caretaker arrives, they are given a brief run down of the girls symptoms and what medicines to administer. As the caretaker enters the sick girls room, a priest exits and states he has calmed the girl down and she is sleeping.

Once in the room, the caretaker is left alone with the ‘sick’ girl and then all hell breaks loose.

The girl appears to be possessed, furniture flies across the room blocking the caretakers exit. Crosses on the wall flip upside down, lights flicker and then the sick girl is hoisted up the wall only to slam down on the bed. Everything goes calm…but not for long.

Check it out below…it is intense!


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