Top Hard and Soft Goods Skate Brands

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Since its mainstream popularity in the late ’90s, skateboarding has collided with mainstream fashion through its lifestyle and carefree attitude. During this point, skater clothing is no longer just for skaters. Even boards are bought for aesthetic purposes these days, as the sport makes a resurgence once again.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular brands on the market today.

1. Primitive

Owned by the incredible Paul Rodriguez, and founded in 2009, Primitive was known as a boutique store selling the hottest shoes. Since then, though, they’ve expanded and hit all the streetwear areas from t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, raw denim and camo pants, which sit perfectly with their iconic kicks.


2. Thrasher


Along with other media stalwarts, like Skateline NBD and King of the Road, thrasher produces some of the best skating content out there but has become better known in recent years for their apparel.

The fashion industry has taken to the famous flames, and everybody from Rihanna to Justin Bieber has been seen wearing the brand. From snapback caps and t-shirts to girls hotpants, anoraks and crewnecks, Thrasher is where classic authentic style meets contemporary fashion.


3. Jimmy Sweatpants

Established in 2013 by Jimmy Gorecki, Jimmy Sweatpants has created a buzz throughout the industry. The brand keeps things simple and is well promoted by the owner on Instagram. You’ll see him showing off his Visvim boots and custom Air Jordans, along with his sweatpants.


4. Jovontae Turner & Co.


Another brand that came alive in 2013, Jovontae Turner & Co. has become famous for its modern take on 90’s style. The owner was part of the 90’s set that catapulted skating to the height of its popularity, and he remains as elusive to this day as ever. You’ll find parka jackets, camo wear and even cozy boy fits among the range.


5. Shake Junt

Shane Heyl developed a clothing line to create what he and his friends wanted to wear. The range is generally bright, colorful, loud and trippy, but more subtle pieces are also available. The classic graphic t-shirts are in line with skate tradition, but button-up shirts adorned with chicken, from 2013, set the tone for their out-there style that remains to this day.


6. Santa Cruz


This iconic brand has sought after apparel as well as high-quality boards available in all shapes and sizes. Their board graphics are exceptional and have attracted the appeal of non-skaters, which is not a bad thing for the sport.


7. Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta is a hard goods skate brand that served this generation of skater’s fathers and uncles. Their deck strength technology has changed the board, with Powell Peralta Flight Decks able to survive being run over by a car, unscathed.

They also happen to make the most popular bearings in the business and are the benchmark that all others are compared to. Their iconic, old school boards were ridden back in the day are frequently re-issued, providing old school class and nostalgia.