How To Change Your Tinder Location With Fake GPS And iOS?

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Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps out there and has helped millions of people find their right match. If you’re using Tinder, you might be familiar that it only allows you to swipe in your city and nowhere else, but guess what? I did some work and found a bug on the Tinder website that allows us to change our location to anywhere in the world and allows us to discover more profiles for free. Sounds interesting? Follow this guide to see how to change location on tinder it works.


How can you hide or change your location on Tinder?

 Since Tinder is a location-based tool that uses distance and geography to sort the user’s potential matches, it doesn’t actually allow the user to hide their locations. Even if you turn off your GPS, you can still collect other information to know and show where you are.

However, if you get a Tinder Plus or Gold version but not the free version. You can choose to hide or change the location with Tinder Passport. Therefore, the following how-to guides are only available to Tinder Plus or Gold users.

  • Launch Tinder and go to your profile settings
  • Select Settings and Swipe in or Location depending on your phone.
  • Choose Add a new location and you can change your location;

you can also choose not to show your distance from settings if you can see the available option


Get dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS)

This app works perfectly for spoofing GPS in kindling or participating in location-based AR games. Here’s a way to modify kindling’s location with dr.fone: virtual location (iOS).

Step 1: First of all, connect your device to the pc and open the dr.fone application. From your home interface, choose the “Virtual Location” function. Now, the virtual location interface can be opened. Now, abide by your terms and hit the “Get Started” tab to get started.


Step 2: Currently, a map-like interface will launch on your screen. Here, you will read this location and also different options. To pretend the GPS turns on, visit the “Teleport Mode” gift in the right corner of your screen. Here, you will notice any location abuse in the GPS spoofing search bar.


Step 3: When you have a spot in an extremely new location, the marker can land on that. Set this pin, then tap on the “Move here” tab to see your dynamic GPS location. Now your locations can be successfully modified on your iOS device. It will even show up on the dr.fone interface as well.


To verify it, users will open GPS apps like Maps on their iPhone and check their simulated GPS location in kindling.


So these squares measure some completely different ways of pretending that the GPS turns on. Now, you don’t need to think of a way to change the location of the firewood. For humanoid devices, you will use apps like Everyplace, the Tinder + feature, and simulated GPS location. For iOS devices, the simplest app to simulate GPS turning on is dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS). Transfer this app and fake location in kindling to urge awesome matches.