An Ultimate Guide: 7 Questions About How A Job Agency Works

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People are often skeptical about choosing services that are a bit different from the usual. Similarly, because a job agency make placements in a different approach, job seekers who do not understand how they function are hesitant about using them, and they end up making the wrong choices when it comes to a job search.

Most of the time, job seekers feel like these agencies are not genuine. They miss opportunities because they fail to submit their applications through them. If you take some time to understand a service before overlooking, it can be rewarding. To understand the functionality of a job agency, let us have a look at the most asked questions and the answers as given by Team Global / MSM.

1. The benefit of a Temp Agency

A job agency Toronto can be a breakthrough for your long term career. Although it creates temporary job solutions, you can end up in a company that is doing a temp to hire. If your work is satisfactory, such a company employs you permanently.

It is, therefore, advisable to work professionally whenever you are on a temp contract. You never know how a company hires. Also, companies leave feedback about how you work to the agency. Being professional boosts your chances of having many placements because of the reviews you get.

2. Expectations in a Temp Agency

Most candidates do not know what to expect in a job agency. Here is the hint. When you find a job advert in a job agency, you have to apply for it online, just like any other job. When you are successful, the agency schedules an interview for you. 

After screening and matching you with the jobs available, the agency sends you to the hiring companies. So, sometimes you can wait for long if you fail to match a job description as the agency only pick the best matches.

3. Interview Expectations

You normally set up an appointment with the recruiter, and you are often required to provide some bits of information about yourself before meeting with the recruiter. Most of this information is shared online or through the phone.

When attending an interview, the job agency Toronto expects you to be professional. So, during the interview day, bring your CV and include your testimonials.

Answer questions and take tests during the interview day that the temp agency will have prepared for you.

4. Scheduling 

When signing up with a job agency, you need to be flexible. Placements can be done in short notices once you pass the interview. If you have a particular preference for working hours or days, you should let your agency know.

5. Payments 

When signing a work contract, payment arrangements are usually a primary concern. A job agency Toronto settles your payments after working for a company through them. It charges the company at an hourly rate, after which it takes its commission and pay you. A temp agency is also responsible for paying your taxes when working under them. Inquire with your agency about your payment plans before you start working on a contract.

6. Permanent Hiring

Sometimes, when working with a company on a temporary contract, it may offer you a permanent employment position. Because temp to hire is common, all you have to do is let your job agency know about this arrangement. The hiring company may also reach out on your behalf.

After you accept the offer, your contract with the agency ends there. It may pay you all your dues or transfer them to your new employer. Do a follow up to avoid losing your pay during the transition.

7. Expand Your Network

After learning and understanding how temp agencies work, it is time for you to revamp your CV. Make sure it is up to date and approach as many industry-relevant temp agencies as you can. Connect with people and let them know that you are looking for a job. If you land an interview with any of the agencies you apply with, attend it when you are sufficiently prepared. Make a positive impression when you get placed in a company.