VIDEO | Prankster Pulls Of Jurassic Prank! Runner Freaks Out As He’s Chased By A Dinosaur!

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French prankster Remi Gaillard is the man! He has millions of Youtube subscribers and nearly 10 million Facebook fans…and all for good reason! He is hilarious!

Remi’s most recent prank involves a dinosaur, a dinosaur egg and a man out for a jog who gets the s**t scared out of him.

As the man is calmly running down a path, another man dressed as an explorer comes flying out of the woods bobbling a massive ‘dinosaur’ egg in his hands. Right behind him…is a ‘dinosaur’. Of course it isn’t a real dinosaur…but boy oh boy does it look real.

The jogger absolutely freaks out and just like in a bad dream…he can’t get away fast enough. Eventually the man darts into the woods and even jump in the river to escape!

Check it out below!


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