Famous Female Leaders from History

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Women in government don’t have it easy, with female politicians as well as those who have studied women in power describing many challenges they face that their male counterparts do not have to encounter.

However, throughout history, women have still been able to find and cement themselves in positions of power. There are many female heads of state, politicians and leaders who have become famous and known for leading their people, although it’s undeniable that they have faced many challenges along the way.


One of the most famous female leaders in history is Cleopatra, who was the last active ruler of Ptolemaic Egypt. Cleopatra is probably the most famous leader of ancient Egypt, too, as she has been praised for her personality and leadership qualities. She spoke several languages and spent much time with scholars, showing an appreciation and ability for subjects such as math and astronomy.

Cleopatra is also known for her beauty, and this is what we usually see portrayed positively in media, with films, TV shows and video games all being based about ancient Egypt and the famous female leader. For example, in the Cleopatra online slot game from IGT, the queen’s beauty is a big part of the slot. The logo of the slot game shows her huge eyes and her famous hairstyle, along with Egyptian artifacts such as scarab beetles, gems, and other pieces of jewelry. Games like this help reinforce Cleopatra as a popular figure.


Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria was the Queen of England who reigned for 63 years from the 19th century through to the 20th century, with her reign being longer than any leader of England who had come before her. While she was on the throne, Victoria was in charge of Britain’s largest empire, which included countries from across the globe such as Jamaica and India.

However, there are many Queen Victoria facts that you may not know, such as her skill at languages. She knew German, Italian, French, and Latin, which probably helped her with ruling over the empire. She was also called the grandmother of Europe as her 42 grandchildren were in the royal families of Greece, Russia, Norway, Sweden and Spain.

Boudicca was a fearless warrior queen of Britannia. When the Roman Empire came to take over North Wales, Boudicca led rebel forces to fight them off. While the uprising was unsuccessful, Boudicca is still famous for her skills as a fighter and her ability to lead her people.

Boudicca did have some success in battling the Romans, however. Boudicca’s warriors took down the Roman Ninth Legion and destroyed three major Roman settlements.
In history, there haven’t been so many female leaders, as their gender led some to see them as untrustworthy. As feelings about female leadership have changed, we may see other women become as famous and renowned as these three.