How To Choose The Perfect Rug Runner?

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A rug runner is probably one of the last things you buy for your home. Normally, you first invest in the main furniture such as the sofa, the dining room table and the bed. The rug runner is at the end of the priority list or sometimes it does not even appear on the list. A rug runner is a key piece to give cohesion and define a space. It does not matter that they take many years to buy their first rug runner, but when they decide to invest, this guide will help them choose a perfect one. Read dunlop latex mattress review for more detail.

Use and space: It all begins by determining the use that will be given to the rug runner. A rug runner that will be in the dining room where there is a high risk of staining will have very different characteristics to a rug runner that will be put in a room, where the priority is to be soft to walk without shoes. Thus, use and space will determine the size, shape, material, and color of the rug runner.

Shape and size: The vast majority of rug runners are rectangular and with good reason, because the rug runner should generally have the same shape as the space it occupies and most of the spaces are rectangular. Square rug runners are for square spaces, narrow and long rug runners are for corridors or to be placed near the bed, and round rug runners are mainly used in the lobby. To determine the appropriate size of the rug runner you have to distinguish between the dining room, living room, and bedroom. Use bean bag calculator to about which mattress size is good for your room.

Depending on the space, the measurements are taken as follows:

Dining: The chairs are separated enough for an average person to stand comfortably from the table. With the chairs in that position, the space measurement is taken. The rug runner should be at least 15 centimeters larger on each side.

Living room: Sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and side tables are organized in their final positions. Generally, the final layout of the room is rectangular. The sofa, which is the biggest piece, will mark the length of the space and so the length of the carpet. The rug runner should be at least 30 centimeters longer than the sofa, so that when the sofa set above exceeds at least 15 centimeters on each side. Ideally, the rug runner should be large sufficient to fit the four legs of the entire portion or at least the two front legs of all of the furniture. If the sofa is placed against the wall, the rug runner doesn’t need to cover the four corners of the sofa; it is enough that the two front corners remain on the carpet.

Room: For the room, there are three possible ways to lay a rug runner. The first alternative is to make a path at the foot of the bed. The path must be as long as the width of the bed. The second option is to put a path on each side of the bed. And the third option is to lay out a rectangular rug that is roughly the same size as the bed so that only the two front legs rest on the rug runner.

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