How Back Pain Affects Sleep?

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Have you been tossing and turning on your bed these days? Are you unable to get a consistent, long, good night sleep? Does your back hurt and it’s not getting better even with the ointments? If you check ‘yes’ for all these questions, then the problem is with your mattress.

They say that a mattress is like an investment and if you end up with a wrong mattress choice, you’ll spend your nights living a nightmare! How and why? Get your answers by reading this article.

Mattress, Back Pain and Sleep!

Human body – whether an adult, teenager or a toddler all need good night sleep for a healthy life and proper body function or growth. Besides other factors, one of the leading causes of a distressful sleep at night is lower back pain caused by a bad quality mattress foam. 

Several studies have shown that there is a higher level association between sleep and lower back pain. Lower back pain causes trouble in sleeping and keeps you awake at night. Furthermore, the lack of restorative periods of sleep increases the pain in lower back junction. 


As the pain increases and hours of night sleep decreases, it affects your mood, hunger, and mostly your spinal cord. As the back pain worsens it gets difficult to find a position that lessens the pain level -leading to tossing and turning all night. 

The sleep deprivation increases your brain sensitivity to pain, decreases the release of growth hormone, increases inflammation and eventually leads to depression and anxiety! And if you are thinking that pain killers would help you get some sleep then you are wrong here as well. Pain killers don’t make lower back pain go away, instead keeps you awake at night.

It means that you need a strong and permanent solution for your backache so that you can get a long, peaceful and consistent night’s sleep.

Kiss A Bye To Your Backpain!

Unless you are suffering from lower back pain due to some medical condition or trauma, you are suffering because of your own carelessness. Most of us underestimate the importance of mattresses when buying our bed.  We don’t realize whether we should go for softer ones or hard ones in an effort to save some bucks on mattress shopping. 

However, in reality your mattress can be both your savior or worst enemy. Always check the mattress quality, foam types, mattress thickness and whether it has springs or not. If you are already suffering from lower back problems and looking to replace your current mattress then only buy the best mattress for back problems. 

Moreover, you can also overcome your back problems if you indulge yourself in physical exercises. We are not suggesting heavy weight lifting or intense physical exercises. Before you start your mattress hunting, it is recommended to consult your physician first about your back problem as well as whether you can exercise or not. 

One last thing that we’d like to add here is that it’s not about the price of the mattress, it’s your health and wellness that should matter!