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In this digital era, Artificial Intelligence is already setting the business world on fire.

Have a look at some facts and figures.

What does Statista say?

It is expected that the revenues from the global AI software market will reach USD 126 billion by the year 2025.

And what does Gartner have to say?

Around 270% increase has been observed in the number of enterprises adopting AI in the last four years. Also, around 37% of enterprises have already employed AI in some form.

Servion Global Solutions also says something!!

Around 95% of interactions with customers will be powered by Artificial Intelligence by the year 2025.

Did you even realize it when you switched to online shopping from in-store shopping?

Did you realize that you ended up talking to a bot to invest your money in smart ways and decided to buy mutual funds or any form of investment scheme?

Artificial Intelligence is working so smartly in our lives that we don’t realize whether it is artificial or real. It requires so minimal human intervention that we consider these systems magical.

For example, you left something in your shopping cart and didn’t make a purchase. The product will follow you on your email inbox, your Netflix movie, YouTube videos, Facebook (and other social media platforms), calling applications, gaming applications, and almost everywhere, and you are most likely to make that purchase.

You will find numerous AI jobs in every organization, irrespective of their size, type, or location, across every industry, across the world. The spending on the global AI market is increasing at a tremendous rate, and so are professionals enrolling in AI Program.

Let’s look at the top applications of Artificial Intelligence that continue to impact the business world and our daily lives.

Top Artificial Intelligence Applications

There are numerous applications of Artificial Intelligence, and the list is endless. AI can teach you; it can assist you; it can be your general physician; it can be your workout trainer; it can guide you on investment; it can remind you of paying your monthly bills; it can recommend solutions on almost everything that includes machine-related tasks.

So, let’s discuss a few of them.

1. Healthcare Applications

Since people across the world are more health-conscious than ever, AI strives to help you manage your health at best. Artificial intelligence-based systems are now capable of identifying cancer cells at early stages, thus making treatment possible at the earliest.

Also, there are many applications that enable you to maintain your health on a daily basis. Some AI applications related to healthcare include:

Happify: takes care of your mental health

MDacne: connects you to the dermatologist takes care of your blood pressure and weight by asking you questions frequently

ADA: it serves as your health advisor that ensures personalized services on healthcare.


2. Artificial Intelligence in Academics and Education

Though artificial intelligence was gradually seeping into the academic sector and the arrival of the pandemic accelerated the process. This gradual transition is improving the productivity of faculties by enabling them to focus on students and minimal focus on administrative work.

Some applications related to the education sector are:

Parla is an AI-powered tutor that enables you to learn and improve your language.

Duolingo Bots are AI-based systems that help you learn a language by conversation.

In the academic sector, it is the era of smart content or digital content. You can create content for conferences, video lectures, as well as textbook guides. You can also create learning content and animations, reminders, flash notes, lesson plans, revisions, etc via customizations for students of separate grades.


3. Applications of AI in eCommerce

This application might be many people’s favorite. With personalized experience in eCommerce platforms, it has become an enjoyment to shop online.

AI is used to build recommendation engines that engage you better. It suggests the products based on your previous purchases, takes care of your size, and choice, and suggests budget buys as well. It improves the platform’s loyalty toward the brand.

AI helps eCommerce platforms deal with frauds that occur generally while using credit cards and providing fake reviews.

AI-powered virtual shopping chatbots and assistants enable these platforms to improve user experience by when they shop online. It is Natural Language Processing that makes the conversation human-like and personalized.


4. Navigation Applications

Global Positioning System or GPS is known to provide users with timely, accurate, and detailed information, thereby improving safety. This technology uses a blend of Graph Neural networks and Convolutional Neural networks. These types of applications are used in Google Maps and other such applications.


5. Replika – Your Emotional Partner

Replika is an AI-based system that acts just like your friend. You can form an emotional connection, share your ideas and laughter, and also get responses that appear real with Replika. So, an AI-based application can be your companion as well.


6. Applications in Human Resource

Have you ever thought about how the hiring process is carried out in companies?

It is Artificial Intelligence that helps companies with blind hiring. The applications are examined on the basis of specified parameters. It can choose the right candidates from numerous applications.


7. Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Lifestyle

AI has a great impact on our lifestyle. Facial recognition has made our gadgets secure, as we use this system as a face lock. Also, it enables you to make a personalized search in your gallery. These systems are also used in industries to ensure secure access to the systems.

Gmail, our favorite email service provider, has achieved 99.9% filtration capacity with AI-enabled spam filters.

Self-driving vehicles, though on the way to development, are trained using machine learning algorithms to drive safely.


8. AI Applications in Social Media

You might be quite aware of the AI applications on social media as you come across them almost daily.

Facebook understands conversations in a better way with the help of a tool called DeepText. With this tool, it can translate the text into different languages automatically.

Twitter uses AI systems to remove offensive content and propaganda and also for fraud detection.

Instagram uses AI systems to look over the pages you follow and keeps an eye on your interests.


9. AI Applications in Finance

AI enables you to manage finances, whether they are personal, corporate, or consumer finance. Managing expenses was not so easier than ever before.

Clarity Money is an AI-based application that utilizes data science and machine learning algorithms to analyze individual finances enabling you to make quicker and smarter decisions.

AI-based systems also help you detect fraudulent transactions saving you and your businesses from big losses.


10. Capitan – a grocery listing App

The best AI-based application for home-makers who are concerned with grocery and cooking essentials. Capitan is an AI-powered application that enables you to make your grocery shopping list, synchronize the request list, and save time. It also allows you to share the list with your family and friends.



Apart from these ten applications, there are endless applications of AI that consistently impact professional and personal lives. You can take up an online training course to learn this technology and improve your earning potential incredibly.

An online training course, again powered by AI, trains you according to your knowledge level, enables you to learn at your own pace, and provides you with an enterprise-class learning management system.

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