Most Controversial Coming Out Stories By Hollywood Stars

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Coming out in Hollywood and revelations of a star’s true sexual identity can be a compelling narrative if not scandalous. These types of bizarre stories pique the interest of many fans and gossip-seekers the world over drawn by their emotional journey. In a time when society is facing extraordinary challenges, the community’s visibility is as vital as it has ever been. Amid that political backdrop, the world has seen progressive strides for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer community. Conversely, to see Hollywood stars and celebrities share their authenticity is all the more empowering. It is the path they chose to lead and it takes courage to own up to it. To a large extent, these famous faces helped influence the global conversation on acceptance by the simple act of sharing their stories that will be forever embedded in the hearts and minds of a multitude of fans.
Here are 29 of the most controversial stories of Hollywood stars that came out in public about their sexual identities. Read on, the last star on the list surprised scores of die-hard fans!