Pranksters Suit Up Like Dinosaurs In This Epic Prank On Chris Pratt

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Do you remember the viral video of the ‘Spider Dog’ prank that circulated the net a while back? Well, the same guys behind that impressive prank, have just pulled off another great prank. This time, Actor, Chris Pratt is the subject of the prank and he never saw it coming.

Youtubers and viral pranksters SA Wardega set up cameras throughout a series of hallways to catch all the action as Chris Pratt made his way to his destination. The plan : Men dressed in life like dinosaur costumes would wait for Pratt to pass an adjacent hallway and scare the living crap out of him. The result : It worked! Pratt gasped for air and backed up against a wall when confronted by the fake beasts, for a moment, Pratt was terrified!

A prank gone well and all was good thanks to Pratt being a good sport about the whole thing!


Source : Youtube