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Whether you consider yourself, or the one who you want to give a gift to, as a coffee barista who explores all the ways to make a cup of prime and/or unusual coffee or just a person who appreciates a gourmet cup of the “java” or “joe” or “brew,” it is understandable that the beverage is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. That makes coffee beans a major cash crop and an important export for many nations, even accounting for more than 50% of some nations’ foreign exchange export earnings. Back in 2017, a report said that 70% of their coffee production was exported and was worth $19.9 billion in US dollars.

The coffee bean is a seed

This unusual “seed” is referred to as a “cherry” and is the pip inside a purple or red stone fruit. Although not a true bean, it resembles one and usually contains two stones having their flat sides together. It is said that the small percentage of 10% to 15% of the time that a single seed called a “peaberry” is produced, it supposedly has more flavor. You can store the beans in a vacuum-sealed canister to preserve the long-lasting flavors and stunning rich aromas and tastes.

 Where do the beans grow?

The region of origin was the Horn of South Arabia and Africa. Today’s main coffee belts are in Salvador, Brazil, Guatemala, and Java. The two most sought-after varieties of the coffee plant are the Arabica with 60% of the coffee produced worldwide and the Robusta with 40%.

Arabica coffee beans are also grown on private estates and small farms in Latin America, East Africa, and in the Pacific. The beans are grown at altitudes of as much as 6,000 feet due to cooler temperatures at higher altitudes cause a slower development of the bean. That results in the flavor being more concentrated.

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The barista-quality comes from grinding and roasting the premium naturally-processed coffee beans to perfection as you receive the intense aroma, rich flavor, sweetness, and pleasant acidity that can all be tailored to your specific taste.

To make excellent coffee, check out, for example, the Only the best Arabica beans are sourced there from throughout the globe. True delight is in every sip as you go on the journey of a unique experience where you can taste the differences and decide if you have favorite features that you want to keep purchasing.

If you have questions or want more details about making superior-quality coffee at home, or want advice about the beans that will fulfill your particular coffee taste preferences, or want to know what the suitable grinding and coffee machines are for your selections, you can receive personalized one-on-one assistance from coffee experts who are masters of their craft.

Bring your taste buds alive with the specialty-grade coffee varieties and flavors that you never realized existed.