What Is the Perfect Birthday Gift for a Movie/TV Buff?

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When you have a movie/TV buff for a friend, boyfriend or loved one, then birthdays become a whole lot easier to buy for, especially if they are a nostalgia buff as well. Whether they are into everything Harry Potter related, or simply love everything to do with TV and movies, there is something for everyone when it comes to birthday gifts for the film buff in your life.

So, while you’re choosing the best sappy or even funny birthday cards for your friend, check out the birthday gifts for TV and movie buffs below to add to the pile of presents, as well.

Gifts of Nostalgia

Whether the birthday boy is a fan of horror movies or comedy TV series, there is nothing like collectable nostalgic toys to bring back the days when TV shows and movies were simple. From Lego sets to movie posters, and from 1980’s movie tee-shirts to VHS tapes, there’s always something associated with TV and movies that will make your movie buff grin when they open their gift.


Help Start their Funko Pop Collection

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The Funko Pop, anything vinyl craze has taken off in a big way. If your movie lover is a fan of these little collectibles, then you have it made. Whether it’s a set of vinyls from The Umbrella Academy or a set of the Funko Pops from their favorite superhero franchise, you can’t go wrong with vinyl figures as a birthday present for someone you love.


The Latest TV Tech

Every movie and TV buff can tell you how to get comfortable and watch TV. Yes, there is a guide for this. The best thing you can give to your movie/TV-buff friend is all the latest gadgets and gizmos associated with TV viewing. Whether it’s a brand new top-of-the-line big screen TV or the latest in remotes, they will thank you when they get started on their latest horror movie marathon for sure.


Subscription to Their Favorite Streaming Service

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There couldn’t be a better birthday gift out there for a film buff than a subscription to their favorite streaming service. Whether you’re giving them a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, or even a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime, they will thank you. Curling up on the couch and having a movie marathon weekend together will make the gift even more special.


Movie Decorations

If your movie/TV watcher is like most others, they probably have a whole room dedicated to their binge-watching efforts. You can help with that by giving them birthday gifts such as, posters, throw pillows, blankets and even rugs that are dedicated to their favorite franchise. For example, how about throw pillows from the horror genre or a huge rug for the floor of their theater room from the Harry Potter franchise. Helping them make their theater room cozy and nice will be the greatest gift of all, wouldn’t you think?

A true pop culture fan isn’t just knowledgeable about the movies or TV shows they binge; they also own lots of merchandise licensed by these shows. Some are fairly easy to get because they are mass-produced, but others are quite rare. If you look them up online, you would be surprised at how much they can cost. Some even go up to the hundreds of thousands. But giving a gift is not about the price; it’s the thought that counts. Sometimes, a collection of figurine toys is enough to make your friend’s birthday special.


Everything Needed for Movie Watching

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Of course, you can’t snuggle up under that Freddy Kruger blanket to watch a horror movie marathon without the required movie watching items. As a final gift, try putting together a gift basket of all things needed to watch TV. Required items could include packets of hot cocoa, movie theater candy, and even a couple of movie franchise mugs to drink it out of. Oh, and don’t forget the buttered popcorn to top the basket.

These are just a few of the top birthday gifts you can get someone who loves movies and TV. Remember, the gifts are great, but someone to watch them with makes it even better.