10 Super Useful Travel Websites You Need To Know About

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We all know about the big names in travel when in comes to looking online for a good deal, or comparing hotel rates and flights. Check out these 10 sites that may go unnoticed, but pack a powerful punch when it comes to planning a trip!


Rome 2 Rio

This is one of the best as far as helpful travel resource sites go. It’s rome2rio.com and here’s the bottom line: Type your destination to and from. R2R pumps out the cheapest way to get to your destination, while listing your options from best to worst. You also get estimates on cost and amount of fuel used!


Amazingly, many Americans are not aware of this site, RoadTrippers.com. Here’s the bottom line: If you are travelling around the USA, Roadtrippers will target hotels, attractions, and all the off-the-map areas you won’t want to miss, while saving it all in map form.


Haven’t heard of Skyscanner.com? If you’re not in Australia and Europe you’re not alone. Over there this is a go-to site if you want to compare flights and book your trip. Here’s the bottom line: You get to compare flights and are revealed the cheapest option. They have an “everywhere button” where you can type in where you are leaving from and check out all the cheapest options for places to go. If you want to do a spur of the moment trip to wherever, this site is for you.

Air BnB

Remember the days where you were required to book your travel plans to big cities weeks and even months in advance due to the traditional accommodations filling up quickly? Now you have much more choices and that’s where airbnb.com comes in. Here’s the bottom line: You can rent affordable rooms in people’s private homes or apartments, for a few days, weeks or even months. This gives you a more authentic, local experience as opposed to staying in the typical sterile hotel setting.


This is good for researching, but you may find the tours to be more expensive than the norm. Here’s the bottom line: Viator.com is a directory of tours, airport transfers, and privately run tours of the city you are travelling to. Booking directly will probably be cheaper, but you can use this site as a great tool to research with.

Spotted by Locals

Want a more local experience as opposed to the typical tourist trip? Here’s the bottom line: SpottedbyLocals.com provides city guides which reveal more local attractions as opposed to the standard tourist attractions. Great for going off-the-map and getting a more uniquely local experience.


What if you lose money while travelling? This is a site to bookmark. Here’s the bottom line: GetAirHelp.com provides the resources you need to know if you lose money during travel, and will help you to get back on your feet.


Now if you are really into travelling and want the latest news on the industry, what’s happening, what’s new, old, and what the future may hold, then Skift.com is for you and that’s the bottom line!


Skiplagged.com allows you to find cheap flights in a non-traditional route. Here’s the bottom line: If you want to go from point A to point B, it could actually be cheaper to go from point A to point C, and just get off at stop-over point B! Make sense? It’s a great little trick to use if you are travelling one way.

Travelling Blogs

Blogs on travel are definitely worth researching as they can provide personal accounts of where to go for cheap meals, accommodations, and attractions. The bottom line: Someone who has experienced an area personally will discover things not mentioned in travel guide books and standard travel websites. The personality factor is another huge plus. Bloggers will write in a more personable fashion, providing unique insight and humor while sharing their recommendations for having the best experience possible during your travels. So, google away and enjoy the helpful tips from bloggers worldwide.

Source : damn.com