17 Remedies For Toothaches

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There are a dozen reasons why people get toothaches. Some of these are having cavities, a cracked tooth, loose fillings, a sinus condition or worse yet, an abscess, which is an infection within the gum line. While it’s important to figure out the reason behind the toothache, there are some home remedies that can work regardless of the cause. Although it’s always best to seek out medical advice from a professional, until you get the chance to see your dentist, here are 17 natural remedies for toothaches that you can try at home.

1. Salt Water Rinse

Source: https://blog.gunassociation.org/

Much like a sore throat, a salt water rinse can a helpful solution for a toothpaste. Because salt water is a natural disinfectant, when used as a rinse, it helps loosen any food particles that might have gotten stuck in between your teeth, and it also reduces any inflammation of the gums and heal wounds. This is also why salt water rinses are used for cold sores, plus the recipe is incredibly simple. Just take ½ teaspoon salt and mix in a glass of warm water until salt dissolves, then use as you would a mouthwash.