8 Amazing 2020 Trends For Engagement Rings

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Engagement ring trends for 2020

Getting engaged can be both exhilarating and intimidating. On the one hand, you’re taking your relationship to the next level and celebrating your love. On the other hand, choosing a ring and popping the question takes some careful thought and consideration.

And whether you want trendy brand-new sparklers or are on a tight budget and prefer vintage and preowned engagement rings, choosing the right one is a feat of its own.

Fortunately, 2020 promises to be an exciting time in the wedding industry. Here are eight amazing engagement ring trends for the dawn of the new decade.


Stacking and Nesting

Modern engagement rings are a work of art. Rather than two single bands that fit together, symbolizing the engagement and marriage, stacked and nesting bands are all the rage. This trend doesn’t just apply to the wedding band, but to the engagement ring as a standalone piece.

Look for a two-part engagement ring that looks stunning on its own, but is built to frame a wedding ring. Shake things up with a three-banded ring that has diamonds that sparkle like stars.


Clear Stones

When searching for the best wedding ring, you should look for the 4Cs— carat, color, cut, and clarity – learn more at IceGold.com. Clarity, in particular, will be the top priority in 2020.

Colored stones made a bit of a comeback in recent years, but they’re on the way out again. 2020 brides are in love with the pristine sparkle that a clear diamond has to offer, regardless of the carats involved.


Eternity Bands

Simple, understated bands that put the focal point on the primary setting are quickly becoming a thing of the past. In 2020, eternity bands are at the top of the wishlist. These bands have stones all around for a dazzling display you can’t ignore.



For the longest time, having something other than a symmetrical, well-balanced piece was unthought of. Now, asymmetry is prevalent in fashion, hairstyles, and yes, even engagement rings.

Rather than a single stone framed by smaller stones, look for a ring that has one larger stone and a smaller contrasting stone off to the side. You can also get rings with smaller stones grouped on one side of the larger stone. In eternity bands, having a mix of longer and shorter gems adds a nice touch of asymmetry that’s very on-trend.


Unique Designs

People are no longer interested in having the same ring as everyone else; the more unique, the better.

Work with a jeweler to create a custom ring that your dearly beloved will cherish. Perhaps the band for your nature-loving partner is in the shape of a delicate tree branch. Design a crown-inspired ring for the king or queen of your heart. The options are endless.


Asscher and Emerald Cuts

Ring designers are moving away from the brilliant cuts and pear-shaped diamonds that have been popular in recent years. Instead, Asscher and emerald cuts are taking over.

These two cuts are similar to one another, with the Asscher being square while the emerald is rectangular. Both of these cuts create a lot of dimension, which reflects light in an incredible way.

While clear diamonds are ruling the roost in 2020, some people are taking their emerald cut to the next level by using emeralds rather than diamonds!


The Return of Yellow Gold

Rose gold is on the way out, and yellow gold is making a comeback. This shade invokes a sense of tradition, and the warm tones are a nice contrast to the cooler shades of the past decade.


Art Deco Elements

As we enter the new 20s, it should come as no surprise that many 1920s-inspired looks are making a resurgence in interior design, fashion, and the wedding industry. For engagement rings, art-deco designs are making a bold statement. As the aforementioned Asscher cut is a relic of the 1920s, these two trends go together splendidly.

If you plan on proposing, or being proposed to, in 2020, be on the lookout for one of these fantastic engagement ring trends.