Couple Were Forced To Give Up Their Baby. 50 Years Later They Discovered What Happened To Her

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Awesome Jelly

Love is sometimes complicated, sometimes things don’t turn out as they should. Every relationship is beset by different problems that test the resilience and endearment of a couple. Well, this one is for the books. The relationship of Dennis Vinar and Karen Lehmann was harder than most. Love brought them together, but it seemed everything just wasn’t going their way. Karen got pregnant at the young age of 15, and even though Dennis, who was then 17, proposed marriage, it didn’t happen. Eventually the baby was given up for adoption. Dennis and Karen went on with their lives and it took decades for them to realize why they were kept apart, and what happened to their baby daughter.
You would think their story was a scripted one for the cinema, but it is all very real. Be prepared to be amazed.