How Breaking The Internet Almost Took This Rescue Dog Away From His New Home

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The City Pound


Wandering around the streets trying to make ends meet to survive. The story of Mr. Wiggles is a story about grit and survival. As with any wandering animals, the local government has to come in and regulate all animals astray. After all, what they do is for the safety of the neighborhood. One instance, Mr. Wiggles was helplessly roaming the streets and was followed by strange people. He found himself being grabbed along with many other drifters like him who were lingering the streets of Detroit. The poor canine was petrified, as the men who took his friends were deciding to bring them all to the city pound. As it turns out, these people were actually from the Detroit Animal Control and Rescue and the poor fur-ball didn’t know what to make of the strangers. After all, animals are confused and have no one to trust but themselves. It’s the law of the streets. To them, it’s their animal kingdom.