This ‘Lake Bottom Blanket’ Will Have You Saying Goodbye To Mushy, Gross Lake Bottoms!

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If you are like me, you love swimming in lakes…clean lakes that is…but you can’t stand the nasty, weedy, mushy bottom! Well folks, if you can relate…we have found the perfect product for you!



It’s called the ‘Lake Bottom Blanket‘ and it gives you a weed free waterfront as soon as its installed!

The company claims that the blanket will kill 100% of the weeds it targets, and it won’t harm the lake environment.



The standard size of the blanket is 10 feet x 40 feet, however, many other sizes are available and you can actually customize one to fit your needs. A 10 foot x 25 foot blanket will run you $169.95. 



How it works

The Lake Bottom Blanket when installed sinks to the lake bottom, and because its made of lighter than water material floats slightly just off the bottom of your lake between the weights. This small area under the blanket allows for water movement, so the small aquatic life can roam freely below.

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The Lake Bottom Blanket specializes in killing aquatic weeds, as such it is one of the safest weed control products on the market for aquatic life. It works by preventing the sunlight required for plant growth; therefore, minimizing the development of lake weeds on the benthic layer.

Application is only necessary for the short period of time (1 month) required to dissuade the season’s growth of aquatic weeds in the targeted area. The Lake Bottom Blanket can then be moved to a new location or finally stored for the next season.



Want to get one for yourself? You can pick one up here!