CEH Study Guide

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The rising trend of technology has both positive and negative impacts on society. There is no doubt that technology makes every business operation easy and reduces the time and effort to complete the task. But at the same time, due to rising competition, cyber-attacks have increased, which puts the organization’s confidential data in danger. If the data gets revealed in the markets, the business will get into a considerable loss. So seeing all these happenings, the need for ethical hackers has increased in the markets. Ethical hackers have complete knowledge about the hacking system and the related vulnerabilities to the network system. They have the competency to resolve and combat such issues with tools and techniques.

The rising need for ethical hackers has opened up many job opportunities. This attracts more people to this job. So if you wish to be one among them, you can go for the certified ethical hacking course called CEH. This certificate will help and give you recognition in industries and businesses. They are best in providing CEH training in San Antonio and other places as well. This certification helps get you a validation that you have complete knowledge to handle the entire network system, applications, databases, and other critical data through gaps in the security construct. This certification will prepare you to exploit the malicious attacker. CEH certification will give you an identity in the work premises. So if you are in doubt related to CEH certification, the following are some common points that will cover everything from the start till the end:

  • Why CEH certification

– CEH certification is mandatory if you are interested in this field and want to pursue your future with it. Your interest isn’t enough, so it is essential to get this ethical hacker certification to get a place in the industry or any organization.

– While planning your career in cybersecurity, it is essential to go for this certification as this will make you fit for the job. During the course, they will give practical and theoretical knowledge. This will help you get a better understanding.

– If you are already working in cybersecurity, this certification will widen the chances of high salaries. This will increase the level of your knowledge to combat the malicious attacks of the rivals.

– If you want to secure a job in the Department of Defence (DoD), the CEH certification will make your way into it. The DoD requires proof that you are reliable before handling sensitive and confidential information and databases.

– With the increasing vulnerabilities in the network system, the need for professional cybersecurity is growing.

  • Eligibility criteria

– Some demand the experience of at least two years in the information security system domain. Or you can complete your EC-Council training at an accredited training center. While filling the application form, mention all the details and wait for at least 5-10 working days for the EC-Council to revert to your request for information.

  • How to become an ethical hacker

– You have to clear the CEH examination consisting of multiple-choice questions and a time limit.

  • CEH covers

– CEH certification will cover all the latest malware practices, ransomware, baking, IoT botnets, sniffing, footprinting and reconnaissance, enumeration, social engineering, session hijacking, and hacking web servers. SQL injection attacks, hacking wireless networks, cloud computing, cryptography, and many other related topics? It will help you to cover all the essential tools and techniques which a legal hacker requires. The practical training will help the individual to get profound knowledge and will know practically how everything works.

So above are all the points covering the question regarding CEH certification. So if you are starting to prepare for it, make sure to start learning from scratch. You can take a CEH training program or self-study routine to clear the CEH exam. ‘Simplilearn’ is an online platform offering various online courses such as CEH, CSM, PMP certification training, etc. This online platform has partnered with the world’s leading universities and companies for providing post-graduation programs, master programs, and certification courses. So get an immersive learning experience in their online boot camp.