Multiple Sclerosis Treatment And Prevention

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Preventions For Multiple Sclerosis

Of course since there are no foreseen causes for Multiple Sclerosis, this also means that there is no way to truly prevent the disease from occurring in someone’s central nervous system. Yet there are still ways that you can try and prevent the disease from having too many flare-ups, to attempting to lessen its quick progression, or just helping feel less of its worsening effects. These are a few different way to prevent more or strong attacks here:

1. Higher Levels Of Vitamin D


While there is no way to actually stop Multiple Sclerosis from occurring to anyone, multiple studies have shown that Vitamin D levels in the body can actually aid in lessening the chances of MS occurring in the body. Since Vitamin D is the ‘body’s defense against germs, and MS is an attack on the immune system in general, higher levels of Vitamin D might help prevent it or slow it down at least. Just make sure to talk it over with your doctor first to see how many milligrams of Vitamin D supplements extra you should take, if ever.