Top Cities In The U.S. To Comfortably Live In With $60,000 Income

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Rogers, Arkansas


Sitting at the center of the Arkansas Ozarks, Rogers offers a beautiful setting for its residents, with lots of options for recreation courtesy of the Ozark Mountains. The climate and setting is a perfect backdrop for those who love eating and those who appreciate the arts. With a high quality of life as well as a low cost of living, the median property rent is at around $817 and home price at under $150,000. Businesses thrive here, with several companies like Wal-Mart, Daisy Outdoor Products, Tyson Foods, and others either maintaining their headquarters or having operations in the vicinity. Average commute time is also low at a little over 16 minutes, and healthcare is not a problem with facilities like the state-of the-art Mercy Health Center and Mercy Medical Center, among others.