Top Cities In The U.S. To Comfortably Live In With $60,000 Income

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Portland, Maine


This seaside town has some of the best scenery, activities, and dining that makes it an ideal place for living for under $60,000. Though homes are pricier at an average of almost $240,000 and a median rent of just under $950, it is considered one of the safest neighborhoods, with majority of people owning their homes. The town offers high quality of living, with year-round recreation, a flourishing art culture, most restaurants per capita, superb healthcare, and the largest school system in Maine. Average commute time is just over 18 minutes, with many information technology companies being drawn to the state that helps keep unemployment low. With all the outdoor activities available, it’s not surprising that residents are healthier and spend 10% less on healthcare compared to the nation’s average.