31 Interesting Secrets Of Flight Attendants

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Sex Sells


“The flight attendant” is a very common sexual fantasy, almost a trope — and this is on purpose. Airline marketing is targeted at an aspirational market, and they want to appear more high-end than their competitors to add value to their service. In many instances, airlines use youth and beauty to convey this message — like when in 2009 a cabin crew was photographed wearing nothing but body paint, or when entire planes were emblazoned with photos of a bikini-clad supermodel. Other airlines have run advertising campaigns for upwards of 6 million pounds featuring “red hotties”, and there is an annual flight attendant pinup calendar by one particular airline that is sold every year. This however breeds a lot of unwanted sexual attention, and flight attendants have had to fight for the right to ask to wear trousers to work, in response. Again, we repeat, please be on your best behavior when you fly.