Surprising Other Ways 19 Wealthy Celebrities Make Money

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Reese Witherspoon And Draper James


Multi talented award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon has found another way to earn money. And it is a business that honors her Southern heritage. She is the founder of the lifestyle and clothing brand, Draper James. It particularly honors her grandparents, grandma Dorothea Draper and grandpa William James Witherspoon. Reese explained that her grandparents taught her everything about gracious Southern living. How to act like a lady, take pride in your home, helping a neighbor, and yes, how to dress properly. Her stores showcase a wide variety of dresses, clothing, and fashion accessories. While it is a brand owned by a famous celebrity, the brand can stand on its own as being very fashionable and appropriate. Even as Reese also makes money with her production company, like most business-minded celebrities, she enjoys her clothing brand a little bit more. Truly a Southern gal.