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A Popcorn-Queen Celebrity


Scarlett Johansson is recognized as one of the sexiest females in showbiz. Surely a talented actress for sure. Yet, few know that she was the popcorn queen of Paris for a short time. She opened up an unusual popcorn shop in Paris in 2016. The actress launched Yummy Pop , her gourmet popcorn shop with now ex-husband, art collector Romain Dauriac.” It has been a dream of mine and my family for several years to bring our favorite American snack to our favorite European city,” Johansson explained. Being a gourmet popcorn place, the store offered several unusual but tasty variations. Cheddar, truffle parmesan and olive oil, salt n’ pepper, and for those craving for something sweet, Canadian maple, chocolate strawberry, and strawberry cream, to name a few. Unfortunately the popcorn store did not last long. The French palate was just not ready for the snack.. Still, Johansson created a different image as the popcorn queen of Paris.